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Welcome to George's Buggy Shop

Welcome to George’s

Buggy shop.

We’ve all been in car trouble before. Maybe your battery died, or one of your tires went flat. Perhaps you heard a rattling underneath your car, so you turned down the radio to check, and–sure enough–it sounded even worse. We’ve all had to deal with the stress of searching for a reliable mechanic in these situations. So here’s a tip: when it comes to the most trusted auto repair in San Antonio, the search always ends with George’s Buggy Shop.

Whether you need an oil change, a tire inspection, or an answer for the ominous glow of the check engine light, look no further than George’s Buggy Shop. Our team of qualified mechanics has been providing impeccable service to the San Antonio area for over George’s Buggy Shop. We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers are satisfied and leave our lot with the peace of mind that they are prepared for the road ahead.


“​I’ve stopped by a couple times just to browse their many Volkswagens. I especially love his personal Porsche collection!”
– Noe M.
“We recently acquired a 74 Beetle from my father.  We found George’s shop on the internet and stopped by. We were so impressed with their knowledge and kindness. They stopped what they were doing and answered all our many questions. We decided to let them fully restore our Bug. It was a fun process and in the end our Beetle looked brand new.  The work is top quality and our Beetle is a head turner. We couldn’t be happier. They have a passion for what they do and it shows in their work.”
– Susan F.
​”​I have to British minis an George’s is the only place I’ll take them” George and his 2 sons are great workers an there very trust worthy. I need some clutch work done on one of them I’ll be giving hoping a call soon. Thanks George. Greg field”
– Greg F.
“George and his mechanics did a wonderful job for us. He took our broken Rewaco Trike and repaired it and made it like new. His work is top notch. We had to get a special part from the manufacturer, he was patient with delivery delays and offered us alternatives if we chose not to await factory part. We would strongly recommend his shop to any and all.”
– John P.
“​Great service! Coolest little shop ever! Thanks guys for all the help!”
– Alexander B.
“I’ve had easy business with George and his sons. A quote I once heard ” The only thing cheap about beetles is their owners”.  May have truth, but George makes it possible! George is a specialist who is neither a car salesman or an auto parts guy, but can be depended on for either.   His knowledge as a mechanic and machinist are unsurpassed in Texas’ Volkswagen scene.  I built my dune buggy from 1958-1972 era parts, and couldn’t have pulled off the project for as little money spent as with George.  I received a lot of advice from various sources (people, blogs, books) on this project. What I got from George has proven to be the most sound.”
– Eric F.


George’s Buggy Shop

Phone: 210.690.8818

Location: 5735 Babcock Rd. San Antonio, TX 78240

Monday – Friday: 9am to 6pm